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Haley + Caleb Fireman’s Park Wedding

Haley & Caleb had a beautiful warm summer wedding! Fireman’s Park in Lebanon, WI was the perfect setting for this fun couple, and their family and friends had a blast! I want you to hear from them about our experience working together and the magic of their wedding day. Read this post for valuable advice and sweet memories from clients I cherish. Thank you!

Tell me about your dress, how did you know it was the one?

I found my dress at Bliss Bridal in Brookfield. I tried on about 11 dresses total but the dress I tried on first was the one I picked. It just felt like the right one there’s no other explanation.

How did you two meet? How long have you been together

We met at our current place of work and have been together for 4 years.

Where was your wedding?

Lebanon Firemans Park, Lebanon WI

How did he pop the question?

Quickly approaching Valentine’s Day Haley had a special plan in place to surprise Caleb. Little did Haley know Caleb would have the best surprise yet! The day before, after working third shift, Caleb came home and told Haley he had to go pick up her Valentine’s Gift. Four hours went by and Haley stared to get concerned. Low and behold Caleb was picking up Haley’s ring and at her parents house getting her father’s blessing to ask. Haley called and scolded Caleb as they had to work that night and he needed to get some sleep! Fast forward to the next day…… Haley had planned to take Caleb to Chick-fil-a as a joke to use a gift certificate. ( It was cold enough for food to keep in the car) Then go to a fancy restaurant and a concert to see Datsik in Madison. Caleb asked if they could leave earlier to do to stop at a park and go for a walk. Haley and Caleb stopped at Elver Park in Madison on their way to Haley’s planned festivities! Being that it was February all the walkways were flooded with water and left over snow. Caleb was determined however and saw a small bridge up the way from one of the paths. The two tiptoed threw the flooded water and made it it the bridge. The view was nice from the bridge and Caleb asked Haley to look out over the bridge so he could take a picture ( Posted as section photo). When Haley turned back around Caleb was down on one knee with ring in hand! Haley could not believe it!! With ┬áred cheeks and tears in both their eyes Caleb asked Haley to spend the rest of her life with him, and as you all know…. SHE SAID YES!!!!

How would you describe your overall wedding experience?

The planning and set up was a lot of work and there were alot of things that went differently than what we had planned but in the end we were the only ones that knew. We had an amazing day, our guests had a great time and despite it being over 90 degrees it was still one of the best days of our lives.

What was your favorite moment from the wedding day?

Pulling up in the Limo before the ceremony and seeing Caleb surrounded by his best friends waiting to meet me at the other end of the asile. The windows were tinted so noone could see me, I remember tearing up with happy tears. – Haley

Watching the love of my life walk down the aisle towards me while surrounded by our family and friends, I remember thinking “Wow, I am so lucky.” -Caleb

What were your biggest concerns/fears going into your wedding?

I never went to the park the morning of the wedding to make sure all the last details were completed. So I had to put faith in the people that were there to make sure everything was good. Sure some things went differently that I had planned but everything worked out. – Haley

I was most nervous about saying my vows during the ceremony I get super nervous in front of people and screwed them up sooo bad during the rehearsal. The day of the wedding though despite my nerves I said them perfectly!- Caleb

What advice would you offer other couples planning their wedding?

The planning process can be hectic, and it’s a lot of work. Take help where you can get it and don’t obsess about every detail being perfect because the reality is, when the day comes, every detail wont be perfect and that’s 100 percent okay!

Did you see each other before the wedding?

Caleb and I saw each other briefly before I went to the salon to get hair and make up done, but after that we did not see each other until I came down the aisle. We wouldn’t have changed a thing about how we planned the morning of. Seeing each other in the morning and discussing last minute details eased both of our anxieties, but not seeing each other all dressed up prior made seeing each other while walking down the aisle more special.

Any tips on preparing for wedding party photos?

Make sure to communicate with people in staged photos about the timeline so they know when they are needed for pictures. We told everyone during the rehearsal that immediately after the ceremony we would be starting pictures and it was our expectation that they all meet and stay in one area so we did not have to be looking for people. But also remember that everyone is different and the day can be overwhelming so try to just go with the flow!

Any tips on preparing for wedding photos you'd like to share?

Know what staged photos you want and really talk to the photographer before hand. Caleb’s younger sister Josie has Autism and that was a key thing we discussed prior as she can get easily overwhelmed with large events like that. Right after the ceremony we focused on pictures with her and got some of the best photos that we have ever gotten with her. Last but not least, relax and have fun with them, pretend that someones not even taking pictures and enjoy the moments together.

How was your experience taking photos/working with me?

Kara was absolutely wonderful to work with. She took time to meet with us multiple times and asked lots of questions to get to know us better it made for a really personable experience. Kara is super creative and likes to explore new styles and technique when taking photos, these photos usually turn out to be real stunning worls of art. Kara’s photos all look elegant and beatuiful, we have gotten so many complements on all of our wedding photos!

Additional favorite moments form the Bride & Groom:

I loved taking more pictures after a storm had rolled through just north of where the wedding was! The sky gave the photos such a cool effect.- Haley

Haley and I snuck away from everyone for about 10 minutes and sat on a hill where no one could see us and just talked and looked around at everything and everyone. The whole day went so fast it was nice to have that quick moment to take it all in. – Caleb

We love to hear about other vendors, who did you enjoy working with?

We chose Sweet Talkin Treats in Watertown, WI to do our wedding cake and cupcakes and everyone just raved about how amazing things were! They were super awesome to work with!

We opted for a live band vs a DJ and we were happy with the choice, the band we had at the wedding was called the Dylan Doyle Band out of Woodstock New York, it was a band that we have seen many times and it made the whole experience a little more personable.

What songs did you dance to?

Our First Dance was “Baby I love your Way”- By Peter Frampton, Father Daughter Dance was ” Just Fishin”- By Trace Adkins, and Mother Son Dance was “My Wish”- By The Rascal Flatts.

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