Portraits of an Artistic Oconomowoc Senior

Alyssa is so creative and genuine, her smile says it all! We had a great time capturing different looks, especially incorporating her love of art and music. Here is an interview with Alyssa about our time together and her tips for other seniors:

What look were you going for with your senior portrait session?

I was going for a more comfortable and relaxed look. My goal was to wear outfits that I felt were a bit more formal than what I normally do. However, I still wanted my personality and style to show, regardless of the occasion.

How was your overall experience with Kara Reese Photography?

We had a really fun time! Throughout the duration of both the in-studio and outdoor photo shoots, there was never a moment where I felt uncomfortable (physically or mentally). This was my first photoshoot, and it was an amazing experience. It really helped me to feel more confident in the way I look and how I feel about myself.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I work part-time at my town’s local hardware store. Also, I play the violin in my school’s alternative and pop strings group called, “Rockestra.” I’m a member of Spanish Honors Society, where I help tutor kids in Spanish. I also support Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA), where we  spread awareness about the LGBT community and participate in LGBT related volunteer events. And I’m also heavily interested in the visual arts, especially drawing and ceramics.

How many outfits did you bring to your session?

Five outfits in total; three of which I used for the outdoor pictures, and the other two I used for the in-studio pictures. It was plenty for me because it allowed us to create a variety of pictures. It kept the session from being too short. In retrospect I wish I had a second pair of jeans in a different style or maybe even a long skirt.

Any hair/makeup tips for other seniors?

If you plan on doing outdoor photos, I recommend doing your makeup outside or somewhere with lots of natural light. This really helped me from going overboard with any contour or highlighting. It also prevented me from being too bold with eyeshadow. Also, apply foundation down to the base of neck to prevent a visible difference in the color. Keep in mind that this is recommended for those who want to do their makeup to look more soft and natural. As for my hair, I had it re-permed about a week or two before the day of my senior pictures. The salon I went into was called Hair Benders in Okauchee. They did a phenomenal job on not only perming my hair, but they waxed and plucked my eyebrows better than I ever could have hoped for!

What was your biggest worry prior to your session?

My biggest fear was that I was not going to be photogenic whatsoever or that I would look terrible in every photo. I have the worst self-esteem and mental body image out of almost everybody that I know. I was blown away by how I looked both in shape and expression. I’ve never felt confident in having someone take a picture of me until I can perfectly pose myself to minimize or hide the parts of me that I hate the most. I can’t say that it completely changed the way that I feel about the way I look. There are still parts of myself that I’m not confident about. But, instead of tearing myself down I’ve replaced them with more positive thoughts. Now I have started making healthy and safe decisions to improve the way I look.

What do you plan to do after high school?

I plan on going to art school to pursue a degree in the Fine Studio Arts (focusing on either ceramic or sculpture) or Industrial Design. I still haven’t decided on which one quite yet. Regardless, I will see to it that I have a creative career!

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